Transfer VHS to DVD


Although you may assume that your tapes are safe, you should consider converting VHS to DVD. NJ area television stations are already converting to the new digital HD formats. This will only hasten the demise of the VCR. Besides the vanishing video cassette recorder, VHS has another major problem. No matter how it is stored, it degrades over time. By converting VHS to DVD, NJ area businesses will preserve the information stored on their tapes for years to come.

The experts at Create Video can transfer VHS to DVD for you with minimal loss of picture and sound quality. A huge advantage when you convert VHS tapes to DVD is that you will gain the power of the DVD menu. This makes it much easier to access specific scenes on your video without fast forwarding. The professionals at Creative Video will be able to design custom menus for your videos even though they were not originally recorded in a digital format. Once on a DVD, multiple copies can be made without any loss of quality and video can even be archived on a hard drive.

It is of vital importance to transfer VHS to DVD as quickly as possible. As VHS tapes age, they only get more and more unstable. First, you will notice the distortion at the top or bottom of the screen (commonly known as tracking errors). Eventually the sound will begin to acquire static and the on screen distortion will become worse. In the worst case scenario the tape itself will begin to stick and either not advance or tear when you attempt to play the video. By arranging for a transfer to DVD as soon as possible you will preserve the information on your VHS tapes before anything is permanently lost.

DVD conversion is only one of Creative Video's many services. They are your full service digital media production group able to do everything from designing your web site to producing your television commercials.

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