Transfer VHS To DVD


Many people wonder why there is a need to convert VHS tapes to DVD. As long as they have a VHS player they will be able to access their information. Unfortunately, the VCR is being phased out. With the advent of digital devices such as DVD recorders and DVR units, fewer and fewer VCRs are being sold. It is already almost impossible to find a VHS camcorder and DVD players are now cheaper than VCRs. Many experts in the field of video feel that the nation's impending conversion from the NTSC broadcast format to digital HD television will seal the fate of the VCR and the analog VHS format. Even if you were to retain a VCR and managed to keep it connected to the next generation of televisions there is another reason to convert VHS tapes to DVD. Magnetic tape, such as that used in VHS cassettes, will degrade over time. It is best to transfer VHS to DVD, an easily copied format that will not degrade as it is duplicated, before any tapes become unusable.

When you transfer VHS to DVD you will enjoy the many advantages the DVD format. It is much easier to archive the digital information contained on a DVD so it will not be lost, for example. Also, DVDs will not suffer any loss of quality as more copies are made. Creative Video can design a quality menu with many chapter options that will allow for much easier access to information than was available on VHS tapes (and without the strain that fast forwarding caused tapes and VCRs alike). It is best to have Creative Video convert your import VHS tapes to convenient DVDs before any irreplaceable footage is lost or loses any more quality.

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