Video Production Service


Commercial DVD production is more complicated than many believe. First, quality footage must be obtained. This means that professional equipment is used and an experienced eye guides the gathering of interesting angles. Then this footage must be edited into an interesting production and sweetened with graphics and music. Although a basic video program is now complete, the commercial DVD production process is not. The DVD itself still must be authored, a process that includes designing menus and building any advanced features such as multiple viewing angles or soundtracks. Of course, the packaging still needs to be considered as well as any printing the surface of the discs. Even though there are many software products available to make DVDs for sale in office supply and discount stores, they are no substitute for skilled videographers and editors. If your company needs a quality DVD to represent it then professionals must be employed to create it.

Creative Video is a professional custom video production service with years of training and experience. More importantly, their staff is dedicated to their craft. It takes all of this training, experience and dedication combined with state of the art software and broadcast quality equipment to make a truly commercial quality DVD. Besides the actual technical ability involved, there is an art to creating interesting video as well.

With everything that goes into making DVDs, there are hundreds of ways for a production to go wrong. Poor video, bad sound, dull angles and poor storytelling are just a few pitfalls. For a superior product that adequately represents your company, it is mandatory to use a professional video production service. Creative Video has a dvd production company that is ready to help you produce the DVD your company needs.

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