Corporate Video

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Creative Video’s corporate division has produced hundreds of corporate training, promotional and instructional programs over the last 15 years. Creative Video’s state-of-the art digital production center located in Woodbury, NJ utilizes over twenty formats and technologies in our day to day operations.

Training & Instructional Video

When you need a custom training video to target your workforce, you need to keep them motivated and awake. Using graphics, soundbites, peer group influence, and a cast, we can make sure your message reaches your targets, and sticks in their minds.

Promotional Video

You need a creative, cutting-edge, interesting way to send a mesage to other companies, organizations and customers about the services and products you offer. Our team can make it happen.

DVD Authoring

We can take video you already have and assemble it into a professionally authored DVD with motion menus and graphics.

Video News Release

This is a press release in video format to be distributed to news stations, and appears as an actual television news broadcast. In essence, this is a paid advertisement that takes the form of a news report, usually tying your service or product into topics such as community service, health issues or public service messages.

Employee Orientation Video

Get your new employees oriented quickly and effectively with a video created by our team. The key is a high quality production that utilizes both graphics and actors to tell a story.

Product Introduction Video

When your company is launching a new product, you need to show it off with an amazing video. Think of it like a movie trailer for your new service or product. We can create an exciting, dramatic, straightforward and informational piece that shows off what you have to offer.

Recruitment Video

Draw new talent to your company with a recruitment video that details the benefits of being in your employ. Using motion graphics, current editing tecniques, and crisp video, Creative Video will create a piece for you to use in every recruitment endeavor.

Editing Suite Rental

Don't want to pay the cost and take the trouble to set up your own editing system for just one project? Rent one of our high end editing suites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Video For PowerPoint

Enhance your next business presentation by including video! We can help you shoot, edit and encode video to put into your presentation.

Digital Signage