Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the new cost-effective medium of the "video revolution" to distribute your message to your prospective customers and employees. Digital advertising in the workplace is the new and unique method of delivering important information in a visually compelling manner.

Creative Video Digital Signage is the complete solution for simple centralized management and the distribution of dynamic digital media across networked or standalone digital displays. It gives the advantage of a scheduling mechanism for dayparting, weekparting or any time-based targeting of advertising messages. This is achieved with the use of afforably priced indoor & outdoor screens of sizes 9 to 72 inches.

With crystal clear high-definition video, dazzling graphics and special effects, digital signage is the most effective way to get your message across to your employees and customers. The plasma screens and equipment also have the added advantages of qualifying for state and federal tex write-offs.

Yes, the future has arrived, and it is all digital. Studies have shown that people will remember digital advertising over TV commercials or print ads. Phone books are rapidly being replaced by popular search engines like Google & Yahoo. The growing popularity of digital video is evidenced by Apple's iPhone and websites like YouTube.

Digital Signage